Blackgold Male Escort Agency Johannesburg,South Africa


Unfortunately there is a social stigma that male escort employment is providing a sexual service and the most important aspects of providing quality companionship are often ignored.


At Blackgold Escorts, we pride ourselves in providing our clients with undivided attention and engaging in intelligent often witty conversations. We provide companionship and protection for our clients.

If you are interested in escort employment, send us an email and  if we are interested, we will contact you. If you do not get a response, it is because we are not interested in working with you.  You must have professional photos to work with us.


Companions need to be at least 21yrs or older and have a professional or normal occupation. Must be cultured, educated and most importantly, be very proficient in making clients feel safe and relaxed.

Male escorts need to be attractive, dedicated to a top level of fitness, presentable, well-groomed, stylish, charming and desirable.


Cowboys need be confident but not arrogant, yet savy. Male companions need be emotionally mature, stable and possess a genuine respect for women and finally, If something does happen between the client and the escort employee, it would purely be a personal and mutual consent between two adults. Female wannabe escorts welcomed.




(1) Minimum of 7 Professional Photographs, unedited. Your images do not have to be taken by a professional photographer, however they must have a high quality finish. No Selfies!


(2) copy of ID / Passport or ANY form of identification


(3) Must live in Johannesburg


(4) Registration fee (Non Refundable)



Thank You!